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Can You Use Purple Power on Car Paint?

by Peter Morris
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A car’s paint has to be kept clean and protected at all times when it is being maintained and used. Purple Power is one of the cleaners you are probably going to think about employing. So, is it possible to use Purple Power on car paint? We’ll let you know further.

What Is Purple Power?

In order to effectively wash off oil, filth, and dirt from diverse surfaces, Purple Power is a strong cleaner and degreaser. The distinctive ingredients of Purple Power make it extremely effective in removing stubborn stains that regular cleaners can’t manage. The compatibility of this strength with sensitive surfaces like car paint, however, also raises questions.

Sodium Metasilicate, a form of alkaline salt, is the main active component of Purple Power. This chemical is an effective cleaning solution that can cut through thick filth and dissolve fats, oils, and greases. The same quality that makes Purple Power successful, meanwhile, has the potential to destroy car paint.

Purple Power

Purple Power

Can You Use Purple Power on Car Paint?

No, using Purple Power on car paint is not advised. Since it’s powerful, using Purple Power to remove car paint might damage the finish. Although Purple Power may seem like a quick and easy cleaning solution used to clean the outside, it is too abrasive for the sensitive paint of your car.

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How to Use Purple Power on a Car?

Prior to Purple Power being used on your car, begin by diluting the solution in compliance with the instructions on the package. First, ensure sure the car is parked somewhere with sufficient ventilation and that the engine is off. Put on your safety glasses and gloves. As directed on the package, pour Purple Power into the engine compartment.

Next, use the Purple Power on the part of your car that is damaged, ensuring that all of the filth, dirt, and other impurities are covered. Give the Purple Power at least ten minutes to sit after use. The engine compartment may then be cleaned using a garden hose.

Start the engine after rinsing, and let it run for ten minutes to distribute the Purple Power. Finally, switch off the engine and let it cool before using a clean towel to wipe the engine bay.

What Are the Effects of Using Purple Power on Car Paint

The following are some serious consequences of Purple Power used on car paint:

Destroying the Paint Finish

The fact that Purple Power can harm the paint finish of your car is another problem. This cleaner’s high strength may be too harsh on the paint when used and cause it to lose its gloss and luster. This is so that the car paint may be broken down together with the grease and filth that Purple Power’s chemicals are designed to dissolve.

Car paint damage due to using Purple Power

Car paint damage due to using Purple Power

Making Car Paint Dull and Discolored

Additionally, using Purple Power might cause the paint on your car to become dull and discolored. The paint may fade over time as a result of the Purple Power’s chemicals reacting with it. As a result, the paint may deteriorate and the car may appear older and more worn than it actually is when used.

Protective Coatings Removal

The protective coatings can be removed from car paint while using Purple Power, which is one of its negative consequences. To shield it from the outdoors, car paint frequently has a coating of wax or sealer used. Purple Power has the ability to remove this barrier, leaving the paint vulnerable to damage.

What Are the Best Alternatives of Purple Power on Car Paint

Here are the top Purple Power substitutes for car paint:

Clay Bar

The surface of car paint may be thoroughly cleaned using clay bars by eliminating impurities. They are particularly helpful for removing contaminants that become ingrained in the paint. The paint looks brilliant and fresh after clay bars are used, which are secure and simple to use.

Car Shampoos

Car shampoos, as opposed to Purple Power, are created expressly to clean car surfaces without harming them. They are safe for all types of car paint since they have a pH level that is regulated. They can get rid of grime, dirt and dust while preserving the paint of your car.

Mild Detergent

A straightforward mild detergent is one of the greatest alternatives to Purple Power for cleaning car paint. A mild cleaning solution may be made by combining water and a tiny bit of detergent; this solution can successfully wash off debris without harming the paint.

Car Cleaner Wax

A two-in-one cleaning product called car cleaner wax applies a coat of wax to preserve the car’s paint while simultaneously cleaning it. The dirt and filth are helped to be washed off, and a shining, protective covering is left over to keep the paint looking its best.

Detailing Sprays

Detailing sprays are ideal for giving your car a fast touch-up. They leave a glossy appearance and might aid in removing minor dust and fingerprints. They are easy on paint and can also act as a barrier against pollutants and UV radiation.

Detailing Sprays for cleaning car paint

Detailing Sprays for cleaning car paint

Car Polish

After cleaning your car, using a high-quality car polish is a terrific method in order to bring out the sheen in your paint. It not only takes care of little blemishes and scratches, but it also provides your car with a shiny appearance.

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Tar & Bug Remover

Specialized treatments designed to remove the most difficult stains without harming the paint include bug and tar removers. They are particularly useful for removing road tar, tree sap and insect splatter.

Purple Power as an Interior Cleaner

Purple Power shouldn’t be used on the interior of a car. It is not advised to clean the interior of the car with a Purple Power cleaner. It is a potent degreaser and cleaning solution made for use on a variety of surfaces, including engines, tires, engines, and concrete.

Interior surfaces should not be exposed to Purple Power since they might damage or taint them. Instead, you should use interior cleaners, which are designed exclusively for cleaning a car’s inside.

Can I use Purple Power on my wheels?

The best method to keep your car’s wheels looking shining is using Purple Power’s Prime-Shine Wheel and Tyre Cleaner. Grease, filth, and brake dust are easily removed with this unique solution. Even worn-out wheels and tires can be restored with its help.

Additionally, a multi-tasker, Best Power Wheels is a fantastic option for cleaning everything from truck tires to flooring and appliances. Purple Power is phosphate-free, non-flammable, and non-abrasive.

It is water-based and has a biodegradable certification. Spray the cleaner on, wait for it to dry, and then wash it off. Your tires’ oil and filth will be washed off, and they will regain their previous luster. Additionally, it may be used to polish your wheels and stop corrosion.

The best course of action is to get a wheel and tire cleaner designed exclusively for use on your car. These items are a lot less dangerous than Purple Power. It’s crucial to exercise caution while cleaning your tires to avoid getting paint on the tire’s surface. After each usage, you should wash the substance off and make sure the surface of car tires is free of any leftovers.

One of Purple Power’s numerous advantages is that it can be diluted in a variety of ways, so you’re not limited to using a single bottle. The goal is to select the cleaner that will work best for your task and then diluted it appropriately. By doing this, you can be confident that your purchase of Purple Power is working to its full potential.

Safety measures while using car paint cleaner

It’s important to understand and abide by the safety precautions before using any cleaning products on the paint of your car. To understand a cleaning product’s contents and recommended uses, always read the label. Always wash the car in an area with good ventilation, and make sure to put on gloves and safety eyewear if required. To be sure the product won’t harm the paint, test it on a tiny, inconspicuous part of your car.

Key Points to Consider

Understanding Your Car’s Needs

Every car and its environment have different requirements. The way various cleaning agents work on your car might vary depending on the kind of grime it gets and how old the paint is. Therefore, before selecting a cleaner, it’s important to be aware of your car’s needs.

Testing is Important

Never use a cleaning product like Purple Power without first doing a spot test in a discreet location. You may learn more about how the cleaner product will affect the paint on your car by following this step.

Always Wash Quickly and Thoroughly

Remember to wash it off as soon as you can if you decide to use Purple Power. Your car’s paint is in danger of being harmed if you are exposed to the cleaning product for an extended period of time.

Cleaning the car after using Purple Power

Cleaning the car after using Purple Power


Therefore, even though Purple Power is a very powerful cleaner, it shouldn’t be used to your car’s paint. Better options exist besides Purple Power that are both safer and more suited for the delicate nature of car paint.

Always select cleaning supplies that are tailored to your car’s demands, and use safety precautions at all times. The lifetime and beauty of your car are investments that may be made by protecting the paint on it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use Purple Power on car wheels?

Yes, you may use Purple Power on car wheels to wash them off, particularly if they are really oily or unclean. It is vital to thoroughly wash it off in order to avoid any potential damage.

Does Orange Power Remove Paint?

Orange Power is a potent cleaning product that should be used with caution, just like Purple Power. The best choice is to go with a product made especially for car paint.

How to keep your car shiny for longer?

Just in case you are wondering how to make your car shine like glass, the paint on your car will stay glossy and protected if you wash it frequently with a mild detergent and then use a high-quality wax or sealer.

Is it OK to use Purple Power on car paint?

The answer is that Purple Power Degreaser is not suitable for car paint since it is extremely abrasive and may remove protective coats while also harming the paint.

Can I use Purple Power on car seats?

Because it could harm the material, it is not advised to use Purple Power on your car seats. Make use of a cleaning made just for upholstery.

What happens if you put a degreaser on the paint?

Wax and sealants can be removed by degreasers, and if they are too powerful, they may even harm the paint. Picking a degreaser that won’t damage the paint on cars is crucial.

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Can I use an all-purpose degreaser on my car?

Consider your steps carefully and read the product label to not damage your car paint. The surfaces of cars may be safely cleaned with some all-purpose degreasers but not others.

What is Purple Power cleaner used for?

Purple Power Cleaner is a potent and moderately priced multi-purpose concentration used to wash off oil, grease, rust stains, carbon, and dirt from concrete floors, carpets, upholstery, door jambs, and tires. To make your Purple Power solution the right strength, add some water to it.

What should you not use Purple Power on?

The use of Purple Power Cleaner on Copper or Chrome is not advised. Chrome is susceptible to etching, which results in long-term damage. Copper can tarnish, but a copper/brass polish can restore its brilliance.

Who made Purple Power?

Under the Clean-Rite brand name, Purple Power is an industrial-strength aqueous cleaning solution produced by Aiken Chemical Company.

Is Purple Power degreaser toxic?

Yes, each part of the body is discussed in relation to health hazards (acute and chronic) by Purple Power:

Eye – Direct contact may irritate the eye. Ingestion – When consumed, this might irritate the mouth, throat, and gastrointestinal tract. Skin – Repeated or prolonged contact may irritate the skin. It’s possible to absorb hazardous quantities of 2-butoxyethanol, so make sure to wash it off immediately.

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